Coaching in our static water or dynamic water environments is often a challenge. We do sometimes tend to concentrate on one element – the technical side. There are however three more areas to consider as we coach our students and this is where we look at the TTPP model:

Technical – The individual elements that when executed perfectly form the technical template of “best practice” for a stroke

Tactical – How we apply that in our environment by varying the timing, angle, edge, trim, speed, cadence, use of water features…the list is endless!

Physiological – Our endurance, flexibility, strength, hydration and nutrition.

Psychological – Our control of emotion, state of mind, commitment and concentration, managing our levels of arousal and self belief.

As a coach we need to consider all of the above to ensure a successful outcome from a student perspective. We as coaches can give them all the technical coaching in the world, but without considering the other elements we can’t guarantee a successful outcome.

The ideal is we concentrate on all four elements and develop someone who can apply all four to their paddling.

I’m currently writing a number of articles relating to coaching approaches so keep an eye out for them in the near future…