Slightly White Water Kayaking

A slightly space on my website for a special set of courses and events for members of the Slightly White Water Kayaking Facebook group. Hopefully you will find these topics useful as your boating develops. 

Im hoping to cover subjects such as:

  • Getting the basics right - SWWK techniques 
  • River reading and choosing your lines
  • Effective safety and rescue
  • Making your moves stick - key strokes and timings
  • Practical decision making in the white water environment
  • Leadership and group management

My usual day course rate is £80 per person or £160 for two day courses. These are special SWWK member prices which are discounted to £60 per person for 1 day courses and £120 for 2 day courses. These courses are not advertised to the public so you’re definitely getting a special SWWK deal!


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