Here's what some of my clients have said:

Open style and encouraged to ask questions. Clean delivery tailored to individual needs, thank you!
Andrew Graham - Foundation Safety and Rescue Training - August 2013

Quality and calmly run course with fresh new ideas delivered in a concise easy to understand manner.
Tom Furey - Foundation Safety and Rescue Training - August 2013

Sessions are very professional with a lot of knowledge and experience showing through.
Timothy Nixon - Foundation Safety and Rescue Training - August 2013

Interesting and engaging. Good opportunity to practice a range of skills in a safe environment.
Paul McAnuff - Foundation Safety and Rescue Training - August 2013

Working with Paul has been both extremely fun and provided me with ample opportunities to learn and develop my skills. Working with Paul is a pleasure!
Andrew Heaward - Open Canoe Skills and Foundation Safety and Rescue Training - August 2013

Enthusiastic and thorough delivery.. Lots of information and knowledge provided. An enjoyable course and day, thank you!
Jennifer Masterman - Foundation Safety and Rescue Training - August 2013

It was great to meet a coach who listened to what we thought was important and helped us with those tasks
Mark Winstanley - White Water Skills Development - August 2013

The advice and coaching I was given was very thought provoking and enabled me to see and understand where my paddling style needed work. During the two day course the tips and advice I received has given me the extra confidence and ability to move forward and progress my skills. People often say that good coaching is invaluable and I think this is now to be true as I feel I have progressed months (knowledge wise) in days. Paul is a great coach and I am looking to book some more time with him in the near future.
Carl Alvey - 3 Star White Water Training and Assessment - June 2013

Excellent approachable coach able to give very clear instructions/suggestions which make a huge improvement to strokes. My paddling improved hugely!
Justin Tweed - 3 Star White Water Training and Assessment - June 2013

A good communicator and clear talker. Very enjoyable experience and I felt comfortable learning.
Michael Ball - 3 Star White Water Training and Assessment - May 2013

Thorough - flexible approach to teaching and adapts to the learner.
Tim Ryan - Foundation Safety and Rescue Training - May 2013

Relaxed and informative, approachable and open minded. Very happy with the day!
Tom Webb - Foundation Safety and Rescue Training - May 2013

Paul is an excellent coach who tailors every session to the technical, tactical, physiological and psychological needs of every candidate in the group and makes your time with him both rewarding and very enjoyable and follows up his coaching courses with written feedback to help you develop your paddling and reach your long term goals. Paul - I would indeed like to include some negative feedback as I know us coaches like to have something to reflect on, however at this point I can't think of anything!!
Derek Henzell- White Water Skills Development - March 2013

Paul is a very knowledgeable coach who can tailor a course to suit your exact needs. The courses are broken down into small chunks which is very effective. This makes it much easier to retain the information. When teaching paddle strokes he made it easy to understand meaning you could manage it first time and with more time practicing and refining overall I am extremely happy and will be booking on another course very soon!
Michael Morton - 2 Star and FSRT - February 2013

Paul is a superb instructor: he makes very clear what he wants you to do and is resourceful and very patient in putting a skill across in new and often amusing ways so the skill sticks in the memory. He adapts well to the level of competence or otherwise of the people he's teaching, paces the course well and is very encouraging. I learnt a huge amount over the weekend and had a really enjoyable time too!
Ian Prentice - 3 Star White Water Training and Assessment - February 2013

Paul is an excellent coach! He makes learning interesting and fun and gives you challenges to push yourself. I learnt a lot when I didn't think I would!
Nick Ball - 3 Star White Water Training and Assessment - January 2013

Paul is an excellent and relaxed trainer and mentor who ensures his students are comfortable and ensures they're involved in the learning and feedback stages.
Richard Abbot - 3 Star White Water Training and Assessment - January 2013

I would definitely recommend Paul. The dynamic way the course was delivered to tailor what I needed, and the way the processes were broken down into bite sized bits and then built on step by step was just what I was looking for.
Andrew Twigg - Advanced White Water Skills - January 2013

Can I take a few moments to congratulate you for helping to increase my understanding of what I need to do to get to the next level in my kayaking path and then helping me to attain the skills needed to get there. The three days spent in your company were so beneficial as you were patient, insightful, inspiring and fun to be with. Ordinarily I am happy to just get to the bottom of the feature, leaving all that breaking the feature down in the hands of the big boys, but in the 3 days with you you have helped to enable me to think over my actions and I am now looking for opportunities to break out and think of my next, useful move. I have also, since spending the time on the water with you, reassessed my coaching ambition and have gone from not wanting to progress from UKCC 1, due to a lack of time and commitment, to actively seeking a path to the next level, mainly due to your inspiring time on the waters with you and the way you have shown me that coaches doing the right thing can make such a big difference. I have also scanned your website and have gleaned many useful ideas which will be actioned on many times in my future paddling exploits. I am looking forward to joining you again on the water for more inspirational moments from you, Thanks so much and keep on doing what you do, it really does make a difference.
Mark Gardner - Skills Development - November 2012

Great coaching delivered at an appropriate level and at a pace suitable to the candidates participating on the course, candidates given sufficient time to put coaching into practice in a practical sense and backed up with excellent theoretical examples and descriptions. He even booked the sunshine for the course in north wales!
Jed Wright - 4 Star WW Leader Training - September 2012

Paul is passionate kayaker which is reflected in his coaching, he takes time to listen to you and find out what your aims and aspirations are. He then delivers individual coaching in such a way that suits your needs throughout the sessions.
Stuart Conway - 3 Star WW - July 2012

Very friendly attitude, communicates well with everyone and a patient coach
Gary Moorin - FSRT - July 2012

Fully experienced coach with a good manner and great coaching skills
Dean Jordan - FSRT - July 2012

Good communicator and put everything across well
Richard Winn - FSRT - July 2012

Descriptions and demonstrations were clear and helpful - very satisfied with the course!
Alex Cook - 3*to River Star - April 2012

This is the second course I've done with Paul and he really helps you progress
Martin Brook - 3* to River Star - April 2012

Very precise instruction based on individual needs...
Stephen Arundale - 3* White Water Training and Assessment - April 2012

Very satisfied with the course...
Andy Walker - 3* White Water Training and Assessment - April 2012

A good coach with a good manner, making you feel relaxed and confident in what you are doing!
Martin Brook - 3* White Water Training and Assessment - July 2011

The course was really well explained and really fun. Paul really helped me to achieve what I was trying to do
Oliver Bumby - 3* White Water Training and Assessment - July 2011

Enjoyed the weekend. I learnt new things and reinforced things I already new..
Peter Walker - 3* White Water Training and Assessment - July 2011

A fantastic day, very clear bank-side instruction and review of previous sessions works well for me, a good reminder. The water level and venue were perfect. I particularly liked the fact that I could practice many times what Paul had demonstrated and then I could implement it on a run of the rapid. 
Breaking down the rapid into small chunks where each eddie was a goal really worked well at reducing my anxiety of the ‘drop’ that surprised me and it’s a technique I’ll use in other situations. 
Richard Sudall - Long Term Student of Paul Bull - April 2011

Slennigford was great fun, with just me and my dad there i felt that it was more 1 to 1 style coaching which I enjoyed,with the low water level it was helpful as the eddies were very well defined this helped me allot in improving my eddie selection.The drop at the end was good fun and felt like an achievement when I got down it the last time.
Tom Sudall - Long Term Student of Paul Bull - April 2011

Paul’s a decent bloke, good company, good coach, skilled, good demonstrator, good at discussions, explanations and feedback, chilled out attitude, sense of humour. Can’t go wrong.
Patric McNulty - 3 Star Training and Assessment - March 2011

Paul is a good coach, who takes time to explain things well and then demonstrate what he was talking about. I found him both calm and positive, the skills that we were taught have changed how I paddle for the better. I look forward to the next course in a few months time, to see what is coming next...
Matt Parker - Introduction To White Water Course - March 2011

I liked the choice of venue, a river with a bank side car park and close by, a café with a quiet back room. The introductory power-point presentation from Paul in the café was really clear, it helped me to see the plan and the steps we were aiming to follow during our sessions. It also highlighted to me the importance of not missing any sessions. Our round table introductions where we all got to know each other followed a refreshing format and not just the ‘normal’ who’s who… On the river we achieved all that was planned, I particularly like the regular reviews that Paul does.
Richard Sudall - Long Term Student of Paul Bull - January 2011

Matlock was a great starting point for me. The water level was good. and gave me a firm base to practice ferry gliding and edge control,i found your teaching style very relaxed and Helpful. I like how you let your students go away then come back an tell you how it felt.
Tom Sudall - Long Term Student of Paul Bull - January 2011

Pre-2011 Feedback:

Very helpful and excellent customer service. Quality coaching - and were approachable and feedback was practical and precise.
Joy O'Haver

Professional coaching, super delivery with great feedback
Richard Crapper

The quality of teaching was the best I have ever experienced.
Ken Oliver

Thanks for a great course. I learnt lots, especially the theory behind coaching - I found it very interesting.
David Joy

...I had a fantastic time learning about coaching techniques alongside discovering my own learning styles! You were friendly and helpful and I now feel confident about coaching groups...
Lisa Cookson

Very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend to beginners and experienced paddlers alike.
Ken Oliver

Very good theoretical underpinning of strokes. This was excellent - not just a quick fix - real sound coaching.
Sue Lester

All information was well communicated
David Adamson

Great to learn more about running safe river trips both professionally and with mates. Paul  provides great stuff.
David Jones, Level 2 Coach

The coaching is high quality and relaxed and the course was given with lots of enthusiasm.
Peter Scott 

Very friendly, but still formal in presentation. Very worthwhile course and an eye opener to the power of white water.
Jay Norris

The course was presented at a speed that suited all students. Nothing was rushed, and in general a very informative course.
Chris Norris

Really fun and well put across and useful.
Tom Jones

Definitely worth doing and recommended to update your knowledge. Very easy to understand. 
Nigel Kitchen 

Good clear instruction, delivered at a pace that suited the group.
David Thomas 

Practical and methodical, approachable. 
Andrew Thomas