Leadership equipment in our 4 Star environment

I often get asked on BCU 4 Star White Water training courses can you provide a kit list of things we'd need to carry when leading our groups in a moderate water environment. Rather than keep writing one I thought a quick blog on the subject would be more appropriate. So here's the list of kit we'll need:

  • Throw line
  • A 4m piece of tape
  • 3 anodized HMS style karabiner (HMS screw gate)
  • Rescue knife 
  • Emergency food (short and long burn energy sources) and warm drink - enough for everyone in the group. Everyone drinks water so I prefer a flask of hot water
  • Whistle
  • First aid kit
  • Group shelter
  • Set of split paddles
  • Boat repair kit
  • Mobile phone
  • Spare clothing and hat
  • Map and compass
  • Multi-tool
  • Headtorch

All of the above can be split between the group to distribute the weight.

It's also important to remember as a group leader to ensure that if people do carry a throwline, they know how to use it. Otherwise a bad situation could turn even worse with multiple lines in the water. 

I hope this is of use! Happy Paddling!