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River Running Strategies

Organisation as a group is key to running any rapid - be clear on your plan as a leader and make sure that your group is fully briefed. As a leader you should also make sure that everyone in the group is capable of implementing the line that you have deemed suitable. Remember as a leader your role is to facilitate the safety but also the enjoyment of the trip, ensuring that the group is having a positive experience which is important when runnning white water. Below I outline some strategies to help facilitate this...

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Group kit needed for river trips

OK for most of you this may seem like sucking eggs.. However, over the years I've seen a quite a few people turn up at sessions or trips ready and raring to go only to find... oh I don't have a helmet or woops I forgot my lunch... (hopefully they won't forget the car keys after the shuttle!!). So here's top tip number one when leading your first group of kayakers down the river...a sense of what you'll need as a group is as follows:

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