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Avoidance is better than cure...

In my last blog we talked about the scale of risk that we may encounter when having to effect a rescue whilst leading a group on the river, or in any other situation for that matter. In this post I explore the means and principles we can employ as leaders on a river trip to help avoid such situations occurring in the first place... C.L.A.P.

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Rescue Principles - SRTRG

In all of our environments that we work or relax in, keeping safe is the most important thing, irrespective of whether it relates to paddling or even walking our dog in the park. When we come across an emergency the first thing we need to consider is our very own personal safety - better to only have one casualty than two. It's never an easy decision to make, and it's all to easy to jump in fueled by the spur of the moment, but it's always better to work down the scale of risk to ourselves when executing a rescue. So why not think about SRTRG.

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Where's your next challenge?!

Many years ago whilst at University in Newcastle I started paddling one of the club Acrobat 300's that had been converted into a C1 (and I'm talking back in the 1990's!)...I was intrigued with the conversion and after a few sessions in the pool and much rolling practice I was able to control it and roll it... I then took it onto the Tees White Water course in Stockton to see what this new craft was capable of... Well I found that between the Happy Eater and Cruncher I was able to put in about 8 rolls!

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My first session with my new long term students

Today I held the first session with my students who have kindly volunteered to be a part of my progression through the UKCC Level 3 course. I decided to go down the route of white water kayak for my Level 3 discipline and, after some emails bouncing around my club, my group came together for the first time today. All came along with open minds for a session on the Derwent at Matlock which allowed me to understand their objectives and needs, observe their current performance and agree a high level medium term plan.

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Modern Technology!

Well... I have a website...and a facebook page... and wow and behold I can now get them talking to each other! The wonders of modern technology... I can now blog or post courses on this very website and they appear on my newly created facebook page!

So... I'm potentially going off topic here... or am I? As we've seen with the "Technological Revolution" a whole host of advancements in the technology we use but we've also seen changes in kayak design, recently it's been a case of more evolution than revolution though for my preferred craft...

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